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Hope and Housing Solutions for Survivors of Domestic Violence

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The importance of a place to call home.

The purpose of Morrow Manor is to offer safe, supportive, longer-term affordable housing for survivors of domestic violence in Kitsap County.

Championed by the Poulsbo Rotary Club, Morrow Manor is a planned eight-unit community that will provide much needed longer-term supportive housing essential to survivors’ success. With the support services of the YWCA of Kitsap County, residents can find renewal and empowerment, a safe place to achieve goals, and a home in which they can make a healthy transition into better lives for themselves and their children.

Morrow Manor goes far beyond short-term emergency shelter.

Choosing to leave an abuser often means choosing homelessness, which in itself presents a high risk of return to unhealthy relationships and unsafe living situations. Morrow Manor will be a vital resource for residents to achieve stability, lasting solutions and brighter futures.

“Many people are unaware of the enormity of domestic violence. After a terrible case of child abuse in my family which resulted in the tragic death of my three year-old grandnephew Eli Creekmore, I began to educate myself. I was surprised and shocked at the great number of victims who escape and yet ultimately return to their abuser and unsafe situation, all due to the lack of safe, affordable housing. Morrow Manor will be providing the services and long-term supportive housing that is so urgently needed, and it will make a lasting difference.”

Ardis Morrow Project Namesake

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